About Hazel Leaver

Dog World's Leading Certified Professional Dog Groomer

Hazel Leaver is a dog groomer and owner through and through. She has won several awards and trophies for her efforts in grooming show dogs and is a certified professional dog groomer to this day. She became the owner of Dog World Beauty & Health Spa in Victoria BC in 1981 and has been grooming dogs of all kinds for over 40 years.

How Hazel Started Her Journey

After grooming for about 7 years Hazel wanted to expand her horizons. She attended a seminar in Vancouver BC and met many wonderful groomers from the Island, one of whom invited Hazel to attend several shows with them. Hazel attended more shows for about 3 years before completing her official certification and becoming a certified master groomer 2 years later.

While grooming her last dog at her pre-certification workshop (a Terrier Schnauzer), Hazel was informed that she would be competing at a grooming show. By focusing only on the dog and not on the spectators, Hazel came in second place. She was so excited by this that she kept going! For about 6 years after this point, Hazel traveled to California, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Washington, and Vancouver and honed her skills while also winning first place in several competitions against top groomers in Canada and the US.
Outside of the Dog World salon, Hazel is loving life and spending it with her newest and adorable pup, Bella, a Frenchton (cross breed of French bulldog and Boston terrier). Of course, she’s always happy to meet you and your dog too!

What Makes Hazel So Exceptional?

Hazel puts the needs of dogs first and foremost. With every grooming session she takes her time getting to know your dog and figuring out their quirks and unique requirements. Your dog may stay at the salon longer than at most, but rest assured it’s for a very good reason.

Every dog owner knows that in order for a dog to enjoy their time being groomed, a trusting relationship needs to be formed between dog and groomer. With this in mind, Hazel will pay more attention to what the dog wants, meaning if the dog wants to spend more time in the bath, they’ll get more time in the bath.

Hazel also runs a training program for groomers, which you can learn more about here.

Come and Meet Hazel

We know you have no shortage of dog grooming choices in the Saanich BC area. Why settle for a salon that treats your dog as the next appointment though, when you can meet an owner and staff who really cares?

At Dog World Beauty & Health Spa, giving dogs a spa treatment as indulgent and enjoyable as it is for humans is a big part of what we do and why we’re dog groomers. No one loves your dog quite like you do, and that’s why we aim to be a close second! We’re always happy to see you and your dog, whether this is your first time or not.

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