Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got some questions about dog grooming? We’ve got answers! These are the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years at Dog World Beauty & Health Spa.

How often should you trim dog nails?

It’s important that a dog’s nails are trimmed every 4 weeks. The quicks grow if the nails are not clipped very often. While drop-ins for nails are not unusual, since 2020 we require an appointment to be booked first.

What is hand stripping?

Hand stripping is a specific form of grooming usually done for terriers. It’s the process of removing the dead undercoat and some of the wiry coat hairs from a dog. It’s a long process and most dogs don’t mind it at all since by that point the coat is ready to come out. We usually ask owners to bring their dogs in every six weeks so we can roll the coat, which means we are only pulling out about a third of the coat so the hair has a chance to grow new hair to replace it. When hair follicles get stuffed with hair, there is no more room for new growth. So, by removing some undercoat, the hair that is ready to come out. Hand stripping is a faster process and most dogs enjoy it. Keep in mind that the dog needs to not be washed for a month before a strip, as it locks the hair back in and makes it harder to hand strip, and thus it’s not enjoyable for the dog.

My dog hates baths! What can I do?

It’s true, there are some dogs that don’t like baths, mostly Northern breeds. However, bathing is a very important step in taking care of your dog’s skin and hair, so if you’re struggling with bath time at home, it’s best you bring them to see us. We love dogs and we know a few calming techniques to get them to have a great experience!

I have a very nervous dog. Will you still bathe him/her?

Yes. We can’t get a good groom on a dirty dog otherwise and we won’t use scissors on a dirty dog; the scissors would have to go get sharpened again. We highly recommend that you wash your dog the night before and dry them with a blow dryer to straighten the coat. The wash and dry we do helps to make the finish beautiful, plus a lot of owners don’t clean/wash as well as we do. The wash and dry when done correctly makes or breaks a good grooming. We also have ways of destressing a dog using gentle talking, positive reinforcement, treats, petting, and even massage.

How do I buy your dog grooming products?

At this point coming in to see us in person is the only way. We can also bring a product in for a client per their request.

Can I give my dog a dry bath or not? (He/She hates water!)

We’ve never used a dry shampoo, and there may be a reason your dog doesn’t like water. Either the dog is a northern breed, or the bath has too cold or too hot water. Dogs like a warm bath; they’re not like people who like hot water. If you like a hot shower, make it at least half of what you like and they may come around. In the past, we’ve groomed labs who come in and they love to swim, but they hate the bath. Not bathing can lead to hot spots however (it’s where the skin can’t breathe so a sore forms), which means a trip to the vet.

How often should a dog be professionally groomed at Dog World?

We recommend every 6 weeks, sooner for some depending on the haircut and how much maintenance you do at home. We notice things about your dog upon seeing them that often, such as skin issues, a sore joint, a new lump, ear infections, or fleas. We go over the whole dog with every groom so we see what’s new, if anything.

What forms of payment do you accept at Dog World?

We accept credit cards, cash, debit cards, and E-transfer.

When should I give my dog a haircut?

As soon as they have had their second set of vaccine shots as a puppy, we recommend an introduction to grooming. This is basically what we call a bath and tidy. It’s a gentle way to get dogs used to bathing, drying, brushing, and the clippers and scissors for nails being done, ears being checked, sanitary clipping, feet being held and scissored, and around their face and eyes being scissored. We find this method of dog grooming works really well! By the time we have done that, the puppy knows how it’s done. We then recommend coming in again in a month so the puppy doesn’t forget. Then, once and if the puppy is ready, we can do a haircut. If they’re not ready, it’s another bath and tidy. You have to remember your dog is going to have this done for the rest of their lives. If you push too hard on your puppy, they won’t like coming to the groomer, and the reason most people get into grooming is because we are passionate about dogs and love it when they’re happy to see us.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24 hours notice. The second time it’s half the groom cost.

Do you still have questions?

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your questions when you contact us.