DIY Dog Grooming

DIY Dog Grooming

As dog owners ourselves, we know how nice and messy dogs can get. We also know that not every dog enjoys having a bath, and some can’t stand being groomed by a stranger. While we do encourage every client to make return visits to Dog World Beauty & Health Spa so that your dog gets used to our company, sometimes a quick and easy clean is all you need for your shy pup. If so, great news—we offer DIY dog grooming in addition to our regular dog spa services!

About Our DIY Options

Our self-service dog grooming comes in the form of what are called U-bath stations. These are simply bathtubs where you have free reign over cleaning your dog yourself. The U-baths are also perfect for puppies present for their very first grooming session!

We provide shampoo and conditioner, which is included in the cost for using the U-Bath. You may also bring your own if you’d like at the same cost. If you’re in need of giving your dog a good brushing and lack the tools needed, feel free to browse through our salon’s shop.

Keeping dogs comfortable for over 40 years

As we mentioned before, not every dog enjoys being groomed by the professionals. Some dogs prefer that their owners, those who are closest to them, perform the majority of grooming for them. Others may hate bath time entirely so they require the most time needed for a proper grooming session.

The U-baths were installed for these reasons and more. Not only is it more convenient for some dog owners to tend to their own pups, but also our salon has been aligned with the needs of dogs for over 40 years. We don’t rush anyone using the U-baths, and in accordance with current health guidelines, we clean them both before and after each dog’s time spent in the salon.

bathing a cute dog

Ready to treat your pup yourself?

We know how pampered and relaxed people can be after a spa treatment. Why not give your dog that same level of attention? When it comes to choosing a self-grooming dog salon in Victoria BC, you can’t go wrong with coming in to Dog World Beauty & Health Spa. Our staff is experienced in grooming dogs even outside of the salon; after all, we’re dog owners too!

Of course if at any time you feel you need assistance after all, you are always welcome to ask our staff to help groom your pup. Some of our regular salon services such as hand stripping and teeth screening may require more than one person’s assistance for sure. It never hurts to have a helping hand to keep grooming stress-free, even if you know how to handle the rest yourself.

Come and treat your dog with a stress-free DIY experience.