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Dog World Beauty & Health Spa has been grooming dogs in Victoria BC for over 40 years.

Our dog spa is all about making grooming a fun and stress-free experience for dogs. That’s because we love them so much! From short to long coats, we tend to dogs of all kinds of varieties and sizes, their needs, and their behaviours.

At our salon we offer DIY dog spa options, groom dogs in a warm and welcoming environment, sell select products, and educate our clients on many aspects of grooming whether at home or at our salon. We will also recommend they seek veterinary services in the event a red flag of sorts is seen by us.

40+ Years of Experience

Bathing, brushing, trimming hair and nails. We give dogs a head-to-paw spa experience.

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A Brief History

Dog World has been owned and operated by Master Dog Groomer Hazel Leaver since May 5th 1981. Hazel was only one year into her experience with dog grooming at that time and was already eager to start showing her affection and passion for dogs.

Upon becoming the owner of Dog World, Hazel worked day in and out to find ways to align her patience and compassion for dogs with others. Today, she is happy to have good staff whose love for dogs aligns with her own, and has won several awards and trophies over the 10 years of competing in dog shows.

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The Dog World Difference

A big part of why we encourage dog owners to book an appointment has a lot to do with the way we treat their dogs. We do what we can to have both a happy dog client and their owner. We take our time grooming the dogs, so they may be at the shop longer than some. We also go by what the dog wants and can handle.

For instance, should a puppy come in for an introduction to grooming, we do what’s called a bath and tidy. This is because it’s a lot for a puppy to have everything done in one day compared to a fully grown dog! In these cases, we follow what’s best for the puppy and not necessarily the owner. After all, if you push a puppy against its will, it’ll have a poor experience which then makes grooming not fun for them.

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About Our DIY Options

We know how some dogs can’t stand having anyone else groom them, so don’t worry about it. Dog World offers U-baths for owners who know their dog’s behaviours and who want to further ensure they keep the whole grooming experience a good one. In these areas you can bathe, wash, dry, and brush your dog yourself.

Of course should you need further assistance, Hazel and our staff can show you some techniques for brushing and combing. We know this step of DIY grooming can be a challenge if your dog is long-haired or double-coated, and we assure you that help is around should you need it!

We would love to see you and your dog!
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We know how much people love to feel pampered after a spa treatment, so why shouldn’t your dog feel the same way? Whether you prefer to wash and groom your dog yourself or you want some help from fellow dog loving groomers in Victoria BC, Dog World Beauty & Health Spa is here for your pup’s needs.