Client Education in Behaviour

Dog Behaviour Consultation

One of the most crucial differences between a grooming session that goes well and a session that goes poorly is understanding dog behaviour itself. That’s why at Dog World Beauty & Health Spa, in addition to our regular grooming services, we offer to all owners who visit what we call client education in behaviour, also known as dog education or dog behaviour consultation.

How it works​

Simply put, Hazel Leaver, our master certified dog groomer, can help owners whose dogs behaviours that are unexpected (mostly with owners, not Hazel).

The truth of the matter is, most people don’t actually know how to brush a dog correctly and as a result, they inadvertently hurt their dog. Or, they don’t start grooming when the dog is young enough (such as the first week when they get them).

Those same dogs, using loving and firm commands, allow us to groom them after their first session. It’s all about trying to help clients whose dogs have behavioural issues to work with them and help them be groomed properly.

Groomed dog with her owners

Why we provide this

There is some benefit to you in receiving this specific consultation. One of the crucial components of keeping a dog healthy is by having them groomed regularly. Some dogs love the idea of going out of the house, others less so, and it’s the latter dogs we like to help educate people about. 

Think of the way a child doesn’t want to go to the dentist or doctor. However they feel about these appointments, you’re not going to just never take them; you’re going to go to see these people for regular checkups so they get used to going. It’s the same with dog grooming.

It’s also very difficult on a groomer, particularly their arms and body, to work with dogs who are especially difficult. So, whenever an owner arrives at our salon with a dog with behavioural issues, we try our best to help those dogs.

Need help treating your dog?

At Dog World, we know the struggle of trying to raise a dog—it can be a lot like raising a child! Like all children, however, dogs need a little TLC and encouragement when it comes to being groomed. Should push come to shove and you need that extra helping hand, we can be that for you. You can count on us to be your top choice for dog behaviour advice.

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